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    7 months ago

    The reason for regional pricing is fucking high inflation. What are you talking about?

    I’m not defending my govt for being fascists, I just want to play a game motherfucker. I’m not responsible of the situation of my country. I didn’t selected this country particularly to be born.

    And yes, the reason is still, the motherfuckers from wealthy countries who didn’t wanted to pay a meal price for a fucking game.

    And yes, the main reason is, my fucking country and government. But believe me I sweared to them for a million time but its not working. I DIDN’T CHOSE THEM!

    What features you have extra that you’re easily able to play a fucking game and I don’t? I’m not blaming you to playing games, I’m blaming you to you’re wanting not let me fucking play.

    Also in a gaming sub, why would you say “don’t koll kordosh ond ormonoons”? What is your fucking point? Racism really only applies to Jews, Africans and not Turks, Arabs I guess.

    And know this, I hsve more Kurdish friends than Turkish and we’re all suffering from this fucking new policy fucking dick head.