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    Music, film, the visual arts, literature, fashion, journalism, food—algorithmic recommendations have fundamentally altered all these cultural products, not just influencing what gets seen or ignored but creating a kind of self-reinforcing blandness we are all contending with now.

    (FT $)3 How a local news website became an AI-generated clickbait farmThis case provides a fascinating insight into how generative AI is starting to fill the internet up with trash.

    (BBC)5 The US is reportedly using AI to choose where to bombIt used machine learning algorithms to identify targets in the Middle East this month, a defense official said.

    (MIT Technology Review)8 The promise of green ammoniaAmmonia production accounts for almost 2% of global CO2 emissions, but startups are racing to produce cleaner alternatives.

    —Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson sums up a very real problem facing judges and politicians trying to regulate social media companies during yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing, Vox reports.

    When the United States first fired a missile from an armed Predator drone at suspected Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan in November 2001, it changed warfare permanently.

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