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    Calling everyone advocating for socialist revolution a man-child is a prejudice as you dont personally know more than 10 people defending that idea, whatever you say about “all people who defend the idea of revolution” is necessarily a prejudice. What I’m saying is even obvious, I can’t believe I have to argue over it.

  • I use it on logseq, on aegis backups (2FA app), KeePassDX for my passwords, also I have a folder inside my picture galleries which is synced with my computer, so everytime I take a picture I want to save on my computer y just copy it there. Also I have plain text editor and I have a txt file shared with my computer I use it mainly to share web links between my devices. I’m still looking for ways to sync calendars and to do apps, so I can get notifications everywhere for my events so I dont forget them, but havent manage to do it just yet.