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  • Nursing school gives you a lamp on graduation (referencing Florence Nightengale) but they’re always complete trash. I want one of these to use for sensory therapy.

    Ideally I’d even want one of those ones with the fake water vapor flame that I could put scented oils in and change the color of in to help people relax and settle in watching the flickering and vibing to the music while I do the unpleasant parts, but they don’t make 'em like that and I don’t have the fabrication skill. Like this but with a Bluetooth speaker and shaped like a lantern with like a handle and stuff to hang it by. Honestly hanging off an IV pole with a slight swing back and forth would be pretty mesmerizing to someone a little out of it and maybe keep them from swinging on me while I’m doing wound care.

    Instead they give you these things that look like Alladin’s lamp with a little LED flame, except sometimes they go a step even farther into absurdity and throw a wholeass fake LED candle on top. They always just look bizarre and are completely useless.

  • I was going through my old comments. I like hearing if my advice works so I can give better advice in the future, although I’m certain you didn’t only take it from me.

    Also, aside from friendships certainly not counting as a loss, a lot of men really underestimate the value of networking. Even if you’re not her type, odds are you might be one of her friends’ types and you want women to think you’re chill enough to be willing to introduce you to their friends who might be into you.

    Sorry to bother!

  • Over the years my psych nursing subspecialty has become violence management. One of the things I tell people when teaching is that everybody has at least one thing they’re willing to physically harm another person over, the only differences are what is it specifically and how bad does it have to get.

  • They will actually wear out your hardware by increasing cell turnover. Eventually re-copying the code to new cells becomes less accurate and it starts introducing bugs like cells that don’t work as well or make too many of themselves and that don’t kill themselves if they wind up growing in the wrong place or making hormones they’re not supposed to or in the wrong amounts. There are some specific things that make the dna itself just copy wrong to begin with like nicotine or UV exposure, and those are the highest risk, but ultimately anything that puts wear and tear on your body in some way is a little bit of a risk.

  • There is no ethical consumption. Even a bunch of the food in America is funded by prison slave labor. I’ve been sick for months and one of the only things I can stomach is bananas and chiquita just funded another cartel to kill a bunch of poor farmers over them. I’m not going to blame other people who are poor and discriminated against because of what rich people do, that’s the entire point of the psyop / propaganda. Let the gotdamn poors enjoy the bread and circuses; it’s all they’ve got anymore.

  • Nursing school was basically,“here’s how to not kill anyone while you spend a year working to become a nurse.” They give you the license when you prove you’re unlikely to kill someone, but you don’t really have any idea what you’re doing until at least a year in and even after that 90% of nursing knowledge is still gained out on the floor.

    Most university level nursing education is either specific role related (teaching or management) or useless fluff, especially standalone bachelor’s programs (you already have and have been working under an associate’s). Even NP school is mostly fluff too though unfortunately. The assumption is that the candidate is a senior nurse with several decades of experience, but in practice that’s not always true (I maintain that new grads going to NP school should be banned; it’s dangerous).