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  • ArtificialLinktolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldWindows 10 EOL PSA
    2 months ago

    My laptop which is still perfectly usable doesn’t have support for 11. Im probably gonna switch to mint or popos but I know lots of ppl that dont have new laptops and they just fucked? And there are tons of end users that just have no desire to learn some of the intricacies of linux even if it is something mostly simple like mint. They’re gonna have to support security updates when they see the adoption numbers. Just like they had to do with 7 till they basically got to 10.

  • This is genuinely why i don’t like souls likes. I can be good. I can learn a lot. But ultimately, it’s this cycle almost every single boss. Almost win first time, then get murdered two or three time while you learn the pattern. Then when you think you’ve got it they throw out a modified version of a move that your used to avoiding but has something extra on it. And then the other half of the time I get killed by something that’s not technically random bullshit but feels like bullshit. And i just hate that gameplay loop. Nothing wrong with the game i just dont enjoy its core loop lol