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  • Unpopular opinion, but I use Firefox because I care about privacy and the spirit of the Mozilla manifesto, and this new enabled-by-default advertisement feature snuck into the browser is at odds with both.

    Mozilla never even gave their users a warning in their browser, which is even worse than how Chrome handles it (also enabled by default, but they at least included a notification with a corpo-speak justification that includes similar language about “options” and “privacy”.

  • I just touched Windows 11 for the first time today.

    The Start bar has a Widgets corner, which includes a helpful weather display but is 99% infinite news scroll.

    I opened Edge to download something else, and was greeted with more news and crap.

    Don’t get me wrong, Firefox is better than Edge. But Edge is the worst of the bunch by far.

    Despite its reputation, Chrome looks and feels like, and in some ways is, a lighter browser. No news feed. No AI chatbot. I get that they can afford it, but the difference is still painfully palpable.

  • But the alt text generation already leverages a self-hosted LLM. So either Mozilla is going to cook in hundreds of extra megabytes of data for their installs, or people with accessibility issues are going to have to download something extra anyway. (IIRC it’s the latter).

    We could talk all day about things that Mozilla could add out of the box that would make the user experience better. How about an ad blocker? They can be like Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, even the most ambitious Firefox fork LibreWolf.

    But for some reason they went with injecting something into Firefox that nobody was asking for, and I don’t think it aligns at all with the average Firefox users needs or wants. Normies don’t use Firefox. They use a browser that doesn’t raise “switch to Chrome or Edge” messages. And if there was some subset of Firefox users who were begging Mozilla for AI, I never saw them. Where were they?

  • If it was truly opt-in, it could be an extension. They should not be bundling this with the browser, bloating it more in the process.

    AI already has ethical issues, and environmental issues, and privacy issues, and centralization issues. You technically can run your own local AI, but they hook up to the big data-hungry ones out of the box.

    Look at the Firefox subreddit. One month ago, people were criticizing the thought of adding AI to Firefox. Two months ago, same thing. Look at the Firefox community. See how many times people requested AI.