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  • The issue here is that although India’s National food regulatory body called FSSAI have maintained that the pesticide is within safe level of 0.1 mg per grams

    But Rajasthan state government tested them at their own labs and found 7mg per grams of ethylene oxide. 70 times more than what’s safe for consumption.

    Ethylene oxide is a gaseous pesticide which is also used as a fumigant to preserve the spices. After the fumigation the spices have to be aerated for long enough so all of the ethylene oxide evaporates away.

    Now clearly someone at the processing facility is either cutting corners or being pushed by operation management to meet targets and not aerating the spices for a sufficient duration.

    And both. Indian and American federal regulators like FSSAI, FDA and USDA are just shrugging it off.

    However some state regulators have taken the matter seriously. Ethylene oxide is a grade 1 carcinogen.

    Kind of how FAA shrugged it off when a few 737 MAX dropped from the sky like it was nothing.

  • Obviously this is not about Gujarati people. They are just the same people as anywhere else in India.

    I have specifically mentioned Gujarati billionaires. You know which guys I am talking about.

    There are many recent incidents to think of which points in a similar direction.

    In Varanasi the livelihood of small boaters is being taken away by large steamers owned by Gujarati billionaires.

    In Ayodhya 4500 houses and shops of poor people were bulldozed to build five star hotels owned by Gujarati property tycoons.

    In Ahmedabad the biggest semiconductor plant is being built predominantly funded by tax money and low interest loans from Public sector banks but owned by Adani. I mean they literally own the country at this point and if you are paying taxes you are working for them.