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  • I use my hands to kind of do the same thing. It’s probably the behaviour they modeled Monk’s “hand thing” after. It still helps even if I’m searching using my memory and spatial awareness to recall and search through something I am not currently looking at. Somehow, narrowing the scope physically with my hands helps. It’s probably a muscle memory or proprioception thing.

    For example, if I want to find something to eat in the fridge. I generally won’t be able to think of anything by just opening the fridge and looking through it. Unless there is something super obvious like a leftover pizza box or something else impossible to miss like that. Just trying to search by looking at each shelf only increases the odds of finding something by like 5%. But when I use my hand and slowly move it down the shelves, I can somehow think more clearly about what is on each shelf than I could without using my hand. And, as I mentioned, it also works even if I am no longer looking in the fridge. I can do it with the door closed and still more clearly recall what was on each shelf.

    It also helps when scanning through my whole house looking for something, with and without currently having eyes on it. Like scanning through the whole house room by room while still sitting at my computer, I do a much better job if I am pointing my hand at the place I am thinking about as I scan.

    I should probably mention I am Autistic, my spatial awareness and proprioception are two areas I have seemed to benefit. But it’s very easy to get confused or distracted if I have too much information at once. So that is mostly what is going on. I can’t just imagine that I am pointing at something in my imagination to gain the benefit, I have to be literally, physically pointing. Although I can translocate, like not be at my house or fridge and still scan my house or fridge by pointing relatively where each thing would be if they were there.

    It’s not limited in scope as far as I can tell. Though it is kind of limited in resolution. The bigger the area I am scanning, the less detail I can recall about it when I am not there, or “looking through walls”. But when I am there, I can go as fine grained as the search demands, just takes longer.

  • Hmm, I have no idea what the mayo/ketchup thing is. Looking it up on “know your meme” is basically just blank with a video that doesn’t exist anymore. Far as I can tell, they are individually both popular condiments in most countries, and using them together is even pretty popular in most countries still. So it must be some specific reference I just can’t find?

  • This thread is about feeling like we already have enough money, lol. Yes, they taught us about compound interest in school. I know I could be making more money, but I don’t want more money, I want my money to just be sitting there so I don’t have to worry about it. My dad is always so stressed out because he never has any money on hand, it’s always tied up in stuff and he has to constantly micromanage everything. I’m sure he has more money than he would have if he wasn’t doing that… but it certainly isn’t the “passive” income he claims it is. It’s more work than his actual job, and the stress is costing him years off his life on top of the time it already costs to manage it all.

    I have enough money. More money would be a waste. I don’t want to do even a fraction of what he does, it can just sit there and I can just chill. I like my life.

  • One thing to keep in mind, just to get your expectations right. Kids are more neuroplastic than us, and it takes kids about 5 years of practicing every day to get fluent at their first language. They are learning a few more things for the first time during that too. But you can expect it to take about as many practice hours. So if you only practice 1 hour a week, it’s gonna be a long time. But also, you don’t need to hit the bar of “fluent” to solve your problem. Where kids are at after 1 year is very serviceable for it instead being a second language. If you plan to move to an english speaking country, that would be plenty to get by in your day to day life while you all of a sudden start also spending every day practicing.

    Learning to read and interpret a new language is more than 10 times easier than learning to speak it. Even just writing in it, where you have all the time in the world to compose each sentence is going to take alot of practice to get good at. For speaking, you have to be quick enough to form full sentences in seconds, at a time where it’s not the main thought process going on in your head.

  • Yeah, everyone always talks about having a “hole” they need to fill with something… I’m pretty sure I don’t have that. I enjoy stuff, I’m a pretty happy person. But I don’t really -need- anything, other than sustenance stuff. I like having more stuff, but it’s not that important to me. I live well below my means, so my extra money just kind if piles up. My dad always says money just sitting there in the bank could be “working for you”, but then he always lives paycheck to paycheck and stresses about money all the time, that lifestyle didn’t “work for me”. I’d rather just have that money sitting there and be stress free instead, that works for me.

    I like VR quite a bit, so I like to make sure I have a current headset and computer. But those are both pretty cheap. Computer is like 3% of my yearly income, but I only need a new one every 5 years or so, and the old one still sells for decent. And the headsets are less than 1% of yearly income.

    If I won a lottery or something, I would probably just become a secret philanthropist, well, more of one. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret. I do like just randomly helping people with stuff. Money makes that easy, but I help with whatever I can. Despite being autistic, I am somehow inexplicably also strongly empathic. So I’m ultimately a people pleaser, but very much an introvert with heavy social anxiety. So yeah, I like to make people feel good, without them knowing it was me, cuz getting credit would suck for me.

    I don’t think we really get to choose alot of our behaviour, we are mostly a product of our genetics plus our life experiences. I’m honestly not even sure about free will. Did I actually make any choices that could have been different, or was the answer I eventually settled on always going to be what I was going to do based on everything that happened leading up to it and my perception of those events. I suppose ultimately, it doesn’t matter. I like the way I am, and I wouldn’t change anything if I could, so it doesn’t matter if I probably can’t anyway.