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  • I appreciate the help and advice a lot, could you explain the tone and volume knobs for me? I’m not sure what exactly tone means or does in relation to the sound and how tone/volume can make a different sound.

    For example, should i leave the guitar maxed out both knobs and control it through the amp, or does it all change depending on what music I want to play?

  • I am unsure of the warranty process with WD but my guess is that it is past warranty if you bought it third party. Highly reccomend not using eBay or Amazon for important things since there seem to be lots of reviews of people receiving returned products or having to jump through hoops with the manufacturer.

    As an alternative I would reccomend places like Bestbuy or Newegg from now on. In the meantime, I’ve heard eBay has a good return policy through paypal but cannot verify, you may be anle to at least get your money back. If you send it to the manufacturer and they refurbish or replace it they should stand by their warranty with the replacement as well.

    I understand wanting to be frugal but for a lot of things you rely on they should not be third party. Also the Best Buy I go to has a price match with Amazon, so they may match eBay, worth a shot.