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  • Ya, I guess I could get a power-rush easier in my life :D Sifting through reports and reading mean stuff just doesn’t tickle that spot for me.

    I am a social worker in real life and think of modding more as a service than, power-governing. I like the fediverse and most of the time I enjoy beeing part of a garbage crew here

    But I agree we don’t owe eachother shit here. But I also think beeing friendly, understanding and nice is helpful:)

    Have a good day

  • Thank you for that call out, we will discuss this with the other mods and make sure that removing and banning reasons are used transparently

    In the meantime I would love to remind y’all that we are moderating this forum in our free time as volunteers, it takes time and capacity. Sometimes it works better sometimes it doesn’t

    Feel free to write in the mod-application post if you feel like becoming a mod here would help.

    Best wishes and a good night from Germany Funky-rodent