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  • First, I want to apologize for mentioning notes. Notes should be separate from the rest, and I agree with you on what you said about notes.

    For the rest, I’ve asked before on suggestions for apps to save my todos, links, etc. There were a couple issues

    • I couldn’t find something that gives me the same interface for all of these. They are all lists of things with some attributes and relations, but most apps out there handled each one of these separately and differently

    • they lacked features I wanted. For example, dependent tasks, a flexible tag system I can query by, etc.

    A DB would let me do all of that.

  • Task warrior was close to what I wanted. I forgot what it lacked when I tried it. I think it was dependent tasks or sub tasks? If not that, then a tag system with flexible querying. I want querying by tag, due date, and other attributes to be possible.

    I think orgmode may be what I want, but the learning curve was discouraging. I was also discouraged about the possibility for myself to build extensions for it, for example to use on android. That would be easier with sql.

    Obsidian is gui from my understanding, so it wouldn’t fit what I’m looking for. I want something I can integrate with my scripts and other unix tools.