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  • Not mining it, per se, but rather bartering for it from friendly civilizations, etc.

    I don’t have the Voyager tech manual, but the TNG one says the Galaxy class ships have an emergency converter that can convert deuterium to antimatter, though it’s quite inefficient and only really useful in emergencies. So I was guessing that Intrepid-class ships have a similar converter, and that it must be efficient enough for normal (re) fueling operations since we only ever see them seeking out deuterium.

  • I stopped eating fast food during COVID and never got back into it after that. One time in like 2021 I was on the road, starving, and decided to stop at McDonalds. OMG it was gross. Nothing really different about it since the last time I had a fast food burger, but after not being used to them, the whole experience was disgusting.

    That said, I do agree Burger King are the least gross if I had to eat fast food. Otherwise, I’m either going to wait until I get home and cook something or find a local burger joint.

  • Janeway: They may have photons to waste but we don’t.

    Also Janeway: Keep firing until you hit something.

    I always assumed that was just a holdover from the first season when they were resource constrained and hadn’t yet found any means to replenish their energy reserves. I would also assume they found sources of antimatter along the way to top up their reserves for warp and used some to make new photon torpedoes. AFAIK, the only components of those they couldn’t replicate were the antimatter.

    (This is disregarding the self-replicating mines from DS9 which were antimatter-based; no idea how Nog Rom pulled that off)

  • I’m grudgingly OK with this, at least if 3rd party cookies are reigned in somewhat with prompts / allow lists.

    The main annoyance I noticed when Google started disabling them by default was that Spotify embeds could no longer detect that I was logged in. If someone shared a playlist or a track, I could only preview it via the embed rather than listen in full. There’s probably other services that were/are similarly affected.

    Spotify is starting to visibly enshittify, so I don’t know how much longer that use-case will remain relevant, but for now, I’m glad I can expect that functionality to remain.

  • That’s basically my setup, lol. Except the laptop is just old but otherwise intact.

    Boots into OpenBox with some custom startup scripts to auto launch a fullscreen browser to my Emby server, a little python daemon I wrote to control various things (screen on/off, volume, etc) via MQTT, and some webhooks from Emby to tie it into my HomeAssistant.

    All my DVD/BR library has been ripped to my server, local OTA feeds in from my HD Homerun tuner, and can use my phone or anything with a web browser as a remote.

    I refuse to use my money to buy an ad platform.