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    Synth sims are the cheap way to go. Cardinal is an open source fork of VCV Rack. It can be used standalone or as a plugin with your favorite DAW.


    All the concepts are the same as modular “euro rack” synths. Voltage lines, oscillators, the works. You even use “wires” to connect everything.

    All YouTube tutorials for VCV are generally applicable to Cardinal, btw.

    If you want to go the DAW route, it should work with the free version of FL Studio. It’s just much easier to do full tracks that way. However: FL Studio is not easy to learn and even less so when you are integrating something like Cardinal.

    Edit: I apologize in advance if this post is the reason you fall into the money pit that is digital music.

  • Cocaine and hookers. That is what I would do with free money. That, or I would invest in a 5-axis CNC machine. It’s a toss up, TBH.

    I don’t need to read the article to tell you that three things usually happen: People accelerate their debt accumulation or they pay down their existing debt. A precious few invest or save because they have little debt to start with.

    I guess I’ll read the article now.

    Edit: Oh yeah. There is that thing were some people actually need to eat, like now. I forgot about that bit.

  • It gets worse. Tech companies are service providers that typically work with a chain of other service providers. About 40%-50% of the controls for the last SOC2 audit I ran was carved out and deferred to our service providers. (Also, there are limited applicable frameworks: SOC2, PCI, ISO-270001, HIPAA and HITRUST are common for me, but usually related to cloud services.)

    Yeah, I tend to break the brains of auditors that have never dealt with startups and have been used to Fortune 500 mega-companies. What’s funnier, is that I am just a lowly security engineer. A very experienced security engineer, but a lowly one nonetheless.

    Auditor: So what is your documented process for this ?

    Me: Uhh, we don’t have one?

    Auditor: What about when X or Y catastrophic issue happens?

    Me: Anyone just pushes this button and activates that widget.

    Auditor: Ok. Uh. Is that process documented?

    Me: Nope. We probably do it about 2-3 times a week anyway.

  • You aren’t wrong about my description. My direct experience with compliance is limited to small/medium tech companies where IT is the business. As long as there is an alternate work location and tech redundancy, the business can chug along as usual. (Data centers are becoming more rare so cloud redundancy is more important than ever.) Of course, there is still quite a bit that needs to be done depending on the type of emergency, as you described: It’s just all IT, customer and partner centric.

    Unfortunately, that does make compliance an IT function because a majority of the company is in some IT engineering function, less sales and marketing.

    I can’t speak to companies in different industries whereas you can. When physical products and manufacturing is at stake, that is way out of scope with what I could deal with.

  • Shrooms aren’t magic, believe it or not.

    There was some serious pain involved in my own recovery and I don’t want to hide that.

    The risk of what I did was also significant. If you have some addictions you need to eliminate and a life to rebuild, shrooms could probably help. There are also the bits where you need to see reality dissolve or have your visual cortex basically go into overdrive and basically nope-out for a few hours. Stuff like that tends to happen when you go on a mission to get your brain a bit softer.

    The common AA trope is quite real for me: If I drink again, I’ll likely be dead. Heart issues or a bad liver isn’t going to get me, but it will be from absolute stupidity. There were some major changes I needed to make. (I don’t subscribe to most of the AA stuff, btw. It helps some people, but I am too stubborn. It’s got some good bits that are very helpful though.)

    I only went into that stuff here just to underscore the seriousness. However, munching on a few grams every now and then probably could result in some positive changes too but you have to be self-aware enough to feel them.