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  • Sure, like any other wildly unethical job there’s a spectrum of different people’s privilege and ability to easily cut out to a less cartoonishly evil job – I would hold Person A with a background in cybersecurity and no dependants a lot more responsible for every day they remain a cop than Person B who joined police academy straight out of high school and is supporting 5 children etc.

    But saying that Person B should be excluded from “fuck cops” – that is, that there should be an exception to the general cultural work of making it socially unacceptable to be part of a murderous, racist, unjust, reactionary paid army – is supporting the institution that you’re claiming to be against. Waiting until a complete societal transformation before campaigning for people to not take blood money (your euphemistic “consciousness price”) is valuing Person B’s economic solvency over the lives of the people they (or, being generous, just their colleagues) will harass, target, frame, and even kill.