EDIT 3: All good now, the DNS has done its thing and defed.xyz is fully operational! Once again, thank you all for having checked out my tool, it means a lot to me.

Deploy problems, read more

EDIT 2: I’ve managed to fix it as well as add some optimization measures. Now it shouldn’t ramp up bandwith nearly as fast. The DNS records are still propagating for https://defed.xyz so that might not work, in the meantime you can use the free Netlify domain of https://sunny-quokka-c7bc18.netlify.app

EDIT 1: You guys played too much with my site and ended up consuming this entire month’s 100GB limit of free quota, so the site is currently blocked.

This is probably my most succesful project ever, thank you all for checking it out. It will take me some time to find another suitable host and move the project there.

ORIGINAL POST: I couldn’t find any tools to check this, so I built one myself.

This is a little site I built: the Defederation Investigator defed.xyz. With it, you can get a comprehensive view of which instances have blocked yours, as well as which ones you are federated with.

The tool is open source and available on GitHub. Hopefully someone will find it useful, enjoy.

  • @isoA
    49 months ago

    Alright I don’t really care other than Lemmy anyways. Maybe kbin. IDK your tool is the best among the other ones, so well done 🙏

    • Nerd02OP
      59 months ago

      Thanks a lot! I’ll see if I can make any improvements on this front, but I can’t make any promises.